• Welcome to the 'Technology delta' module of the online starter kit for Opportunity Recognition course.

    In this set of video lectures you will be introduced to the concepts of tech delta, hype curve, barriers to entry for new technologies, and how industries transformation can influence the development and success of new technologies. In the second video the assignment will be introduced.

    In the end, please provide a comment, describing the comparison of the technologies introduced in the text.

    After following the lectures, you would be able to compare two technologies (how much better a new technology is compared to an already established technology), and you will learn what the hype cycle is, and what are the common barriers that may slow the process of acceptance of a new technology.

  • Technology delta and barriers assignment

    In the assignment you are asked to compare two technologies. For pedagogical purposes we use a very rudimentary example where no in-depth knowledge is required, you will compare the moped ("motorized bicycle" or scooter with a 50cc petrol engine) to the bicycle. You will practice setting up parameters to compare, assess each technology and draw conclusions. You will after this be able to assess any two technologies in a structured way. Such analysis may however require that you have access to deep knowledge regarding each particular technology and how it is applied.

    1. List at least 7 measurable parameters to be used to compare the two technologies. Elaborate if not obvious what the parameter refers to. State one alternative unit per parameter (e.g. kilometer or mile).

    2. Make a comparison of the moped relative to the bicycle in the parameters you stated in terms of much less (--), less (-), equal (+-), more (+), much more (++). Elaborate if your assessments are not obvious.

    3. State 3 consequences of that the moped is not better than the bicycle in all stated parameters? (In the unlikely event of that your analysis show that the moped is "better" in all aspects, then please redo the analysis and include more parameters.) Explain stated consequences.

    4. What is in your view the most important measurable technology delta parameter of the above and what has this benefit meant for the impact of this technology?

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