Welcome to the last module on 'Industry case'.

You are asked to read the post below, on The rebirth of the car industry - disruption driven by communication technology and comment the post by giving your view on the question and answer the stated questions.

Once you finished this part, you have completed the starter kit.

This assignment you will help you gain analytical skills to analyse an already existing industry, to come up with a foresight, or the future landscape of the industry, and to prepare adequately for what might be the 'next big thing' in that industry.

Good luck!

The rebirth of the car industry – disruption driven by communication technology

It’s today 100 years since Henry Ford introduced the moving production line and the mass production of cars took off. A car has more or less had the same design and function since then. A dominant design was established and has been followed by more incremental improvements and significant enhancement in terms of production efficiency. The development of the car industry is well described and is a classical example used when illustrating the diffusion of innovation theory. However the car industry may now quickly approach a dramatic shift entering into a new phase driven by modern communication technology and environmental concerns.

Alphr published about a year ago a special report on the driveless car of the future. Their cover story Driverless cars of the future: How far away are we from autonomous cars?, pictures quite dramatic changes in term of use and design. The prediction of this development is not new, but is the timing now right? Let’s assume Alphr got it all right, how will then this impact the industry? How does this correlate to the innovation theories by researchers such as RogersUtterbackMoore and Christensen? What are the underlying driving forces that make this happen now? How will our use of the car change and what further implications will this have? How will communication technology be utilized?

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