• The module 'Business modeling and the business model canvas' introduces the business model canvas, a visual tool that helps you develop new or document existing business models.

    The Kauffman Foundation, in collaboration with the founders of Strategyzer developed these short, animated videos to boost entrepreneurs' chances of success in their search for a scalable and profitable business models. The six video series covers topics including: Getting from business idea to business model; Visualizing your business model; Prototyping; Navigating your environment; Proving it; Telling your story

    In the end please provide a comment, describing a business model you envision for your own research project.

    After following this module, you'll know what Business model canvas is, it's basic elements, and you would learn how to come up with simple business models for your own ideas.

  • Come up with a business model canvas for your own research project.

    Reflect upon the following questions: Who can be your customer? What is your value proposition (what is that you offer, what needs do you address, and how do you create value for the customer)? What relationship you would establish with your customers? Through what channels you can reach your customers? What can be your main revenue sources?

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