To bring you up to speed on the basic understanding of the topics needed for the Opportunity Recognition course, you are asked to take this online starter kit before entering the course.

This online starter kit consists out of the following three modules:

  • Business Modeling and the Business Model Canvas
  • Technology delta
  • Industry case

Each module contains online teaching material that takes about 30 min of your time and ends with a short assignment.

To finish the online starter kit, you must pass each module. If you pass all the modules, you will see a message at the bottom of this page indicating that you successfully finished the online starter kit.

Some practical points:

  • You must enter your comment opinion for every module. If you do not enter your comment you will be considered as you have not finished this pre-assignment.
  • You can stop at any time and log back in when you want to continue. However, we would advise you to finish the online starter kit at once. 
  • You can view the online teaching material as many times as you want, interrupt them at any point in time, and continue whenever you are available again.
  • Your comments will be shared with the teacher.
  • The due date is <unknown>.
  • For further questions on this pre-assignment, please contact

To start with the first module, click on ‘Business Modeling and the Business Model Canvas' below.

Good luck and see you soon!

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